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Small Business VoIP Phone Services and Support

Everyone knows that communication is a major key to success when it comes to your employees and clients. But why should small businesses use a cloud-based phone system? Why not use the standard PBX system?

The benefits are many. But here are just a few:

Cost Less

There are no heavy upfront installation fees and no maintenance charges you get from a traditional phone system.

Offer Rich Features

Business SMS texting, Auto-Receptionist, Fax, Flexible Voicemails, Mobile applications, and Meetings just to name a few.


You get the latest features without any hardware upgrades. If your small business is growing, a cloud-based phone system will provide the flexibility you need.

Easily Scaled

If your small business expands or moves, a cloud-based system is extremely easy. Just move the phones and cables. No expensive hardware to move or fancy installations.

Mobile and Remote

Being able to communicate outside of your office is paramount with both clients and employees without having to use your personal phone number.

Disaster Recovery

Your cloud-based phone will never go down as long as you have an internet connection. It’ll be up 24/7.

No Maintenance

Your IT department will have one less thing to maintain so they can focus on higher priority items instead.

Side by Side IT Recommends Ring Central

Ring Central is a global leader of cloud-based communications. For small businesses, it’s a perfect fit. We’ve used it and here’s why you may want to:

  • Activates in minutes (plug n play)
  • Simple to use
  • High-Quality Service and 24/7 support
  • Low monthly pricing per user
  • Setup new users in a few minutes
  • The ability to text your customers using your business phone number which can be a huge benefit
  • Video meetings with your employees or clients
  • Auto-receptionist and voicemails
  • Use your computer, traditional style phone, or your smartphone!

Natively Integrate All the Software You Need

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Side by Side IT is proud to be partners with Ring Central

Since we are partners with our friends at Ring Central, we have the ability to make sure you get the right plan and features and any applicable discounts we can pass on to our clients.

Contact Side by Side IT for a free demo and discover what Ring Central can do for your small business.

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