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Tech Up-To-Date: IT Service Management and Tech Maintenance

Let's begin with two analogies

A doctor is talking to a patient next to a computer

Analogy 1

In order to take care of your health and physical body, you’ll go to see your medical doctor, dentist, or eye doctor at regular times to get a wellness check. You’ll also exercise regularly, and from time to time you may even need to change a few things in your lifestyle to make improvements. All of these things are done to maintain your overall health and wellbeing. If you don’t do any of these things, you can bet your health will decline over time.

A car technician working a car

Analogy 2

Let’s take a look at your car. Most everyone agrees that we need one. Cars get us everywhere we need to go including our jobs which are important to make sure we make a living for ourselves. Cars need to be maintained with oil changes, tire rotations, and periodic inspections. These are all key to making sure our vehicles are running the BEST they can for the LONGEST period of time. If you NEVER did anything to your car after buying it, you can be sure your car won’t last very long.

Computers are very much related to both of these analogies.

Computers MUST be maintained.

So, what is the Tech Up-To-Date Services by Side by Side IT?

Tech Up-To-Date service eliminates your worry about properly maintaining your small business computers and technology. We created a customized package that updates (patches) and maintains all your technology each month.

List of computer and IT maintenance

Why is Patching and General Maintenance Needed?

Let’s break this down to several areas:

  1. Software and Firmware updates do many things: Software companies, including Microsoft, revises their programs often, sometimes more than once a month. These revisions may repair SECURITY holes that have been found or they may repair an issue that caused a computer bug. Updates to software can also add NEW FEATURES to your devices and remove older ones.
  2. Updates help patch SECURITY FLAWS: Hackers can write code to target an improperly patched computer and steal your data or gain control over your computer entirely. The updates close those security holes, not allowing any hackers to do any harm to your small business.
  3. Software updates protect your Small Business Data: Your critical data is most likely stored locally at your business. Criminals would love to get that data from you. If you are attacked by Ransomware or something similar, they can get your information, sell it on the web and do some MAJOR DAMAGE to your small business. Updating your security software and maintaining the scans and settings help keep the hackers out.

What is included?

  • An agreed upon amount of time each month dedicated to patching all your technology.
    • We’ll completely patch all your computers (including the BIOS), routers, servers, NAS, modems.
    • We’ll check for updates to your security software, and any other major software currently installed on your devices.
    • We’ll check your security scans each month and remediate any suspected “hits” that are reported.
  • We’ll use a powerful utility program to clean and optimize your PC and improve your privacy and security. We’ll scan your registry for problems, clean up any bad shortcuts, startup programs, spyware, and the accumulated temporary files that clutter your PC to help keep it running in peak performance
  • If your small business experiences any issues since the last appointment, we’ll address those as well if needed with an on-site appointment.
  • You’ll have priority NEXT DAY SERVICE free of charge while you have an active TUTD agreement.

What if my small business is in Kansas City or St. Louis?

With our remote IT service package, your small business can rest assured the need for 24/7 on-site support is a thing of that past. Side by Side IT can resolve most of your IT issues using our remote access program.

What are the benefits of remote IT services?

  1. Our Tech Up-To-Date Service can be fully utilized remotely, getting all the benefits without having to be on site.
  2. We can access a single computer, server, or device at any time
  3. We can fully update all your devices remotely
  4. We can run diagnostic programs to troubleshoot issues
  5. We can train your employees on new software or IT topics remotely

With our remote Tech Up-To-Date service, each quarter of the year we will travel to your small business and perform our service on site. This gives us eyes on the environment and allows us to see your devices and make recommendations if needed. It also allows us to answer any questions in person you may have.

What is my Investment?

Our Tech Up-To-Date service is very affordable. We have packages starting at only $79/month.

Call us today to get your free technology audit, and we’ll create a customized plan for your small business to make sure your technology is running safe and efficient!

Ready to Start Making Your Technology Work FOR You?

We would love the opportunity to work side by side with you to take your technology to the next level.

Reach out to us today for a free quote.