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Why Does My Small Business Need IT Services in Columbia, Missouri?

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IT is a critical part of any business, whether you are a small company making components or one of the many local wineries in Missouri that need to keep careful track of their TTB records and reports. Managed IT services from an MSP (Managed Service Provider) can help make the process go smoothly and keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Every business has unique needs, but broadly speaking, managed IT can include the following:

  • Hardware and software installation
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Hardware monitoring

Essentially, this could mean moving your computers over from Windows 10 to Windows 11, finding solutions for program conflicts, keeping your servers secure and ensuring your employees can access the programs they need to, even remotely. Small businesses often do not have the finances for a dedicated IT team, and even large businesses often outsource simply because it ensures the expertise is available when they need it. Think of it as small business IT support.

What Are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Expertise on demand is one of the biggest benefits of managed IT services. Rather than having to find and then recruit the right person for your one-man IT support, you get a dedicated team with a wide range of knowledge when you need it. Essentially, you save money by cutting unnecessary costs, and your devices stay up to date.

Even better, you enhance overall IT security, making you less vulnerable to ransomware attacks, Trojans and viruses.

And when tech simply works, it makes you much more productive. Almost no CEO or business owner has the time to understand absolutely everything about every facet of their business — as soon as you start growing, you need to bring in expertise to ensure that your systems work smoothly. The idea behind managed IT services is that when you need to update your systems, it happens. This might be a firewall firmware upgrade, or it could involve installing patches to an application stack or an operating system. This should be part of any Tech Up-To-Date service.

The alternative, of course, is an approach that essentially involves fixing problems. However, when a problem occurs, you end up losing business, as well as revenue. In addition, the problem may be much harder to solve than daily, weekly or monthly maintenance would have been. Think about what happens if the wheel of your car falls off as opposed to checking your tires regularly or so.

How Do I Find the Right Provider?

Like any provider, you need one with the expertise to handle your needs. Look for a certified Microsoft Partner for anything to do with Windows, and don't forget to think about how your business communicates — demonstrated expertise with cloud-based business communications solutions is always desirable. A business that is dedicated to providing small business IT support often understands much more about the small business landscape than much larger businesses. Your small business isn't a faceless corporation — and it's much easier to deal with a local business who understands your unique needs.

With dedicated experts and a wide range of experience, Side by Side IT is here to help your small business with its managed IT needs. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you.

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