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Increasing Your Small Business Productivity With Streamlined Android Apps – The 3 Best Solutions

Is your team also using their Android mobile devices to do their tasks? Incorporating an Android suite of apps into your workplace can dramatically improve productivity.  

Many organizations opt for Android to take their office productivity to the next level. After all, they can provide higher flexibility, better workflows, and efficient communication. 

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Enhancing Office Productivity With Google Chrome: The 12 Best Extensions To Improve Your Small Business Workflow

Working from your computer or smartphone is convenient, but it can also be distracting. To maintain productivity, you should install effective Google Chrome Extensions. 

Google Chrome is arguably the most popular browser on the planet. It’s best known for allowing faster loading of websites, optimized performance, and an intuitive interface. As a result, it can help your team complete their daily duties much faster. 

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Improve Your Small Business Productivity With Microsoft Word: 11 Tips To Make the Most of This Program

Microsoft Word is an indispensable part of most business environments. It has numerous features that can help you boost productivity.

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular office programs in the world. It allows millions of people to complete their duties more efficiently. 

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13 Strategies To Make Your Small Business Cybersecurity Failproof

Skilled hackers can easily access your system and steal precious business information. Upgrading your cybersecurity can help address this problem.

Taking your cybersecurity seriously is a must. Otherwise, you leave the door open for criminals to compromise your business’s privacy and cause legal troubles. 

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Making Your Mobile Devices Safe From Cyberattacks: The 9 Best Practices for your Small Busines

The reality is, mobile devices are less safe than desktop computers. Boosting security on such devices is essential if you use them in business. 

Technological breakthroughs have streamlined your operations in several ways. Primarily, you can now use mobile devices to make your communication and data sharing more convenient.

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How Microsoft 365 Defender Can Shield Your Small Business From Phishing Scams

Phishing can lose you a lot of money and expose sensitive information. Microsoft 365 Defender can dramatically mitigate this risk with several features. 

Phishing attacks are a severe threat to your business. These fraudulent actions can cause your team members to accidentally share financial, customer, and account information with cybercriminals. 

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How To Choose Your Small Business VPN To Boost Protection Against Cyberattacks

Public networks expose your business to security threats. Switching to a VPN can greatly help in reducing those threats.

Many companies rely on public networks for communication and data sharing. It allows them to cut costs and allocate their funds elsewhere. 

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How Kohler Uses Office 365 to Create a Culture of Agility, Tips For Your Small Business

There are numerous suites of apps that can improve your productivity. One of them is Office 365, which features an array of underappreciated tools.

Office 365 has helped millions of organizations streamline their operations. One of the most famous examples involves Kohler, the manufacturer of kitchen and bath fixtures and plumbing. 

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Organizing Your Office Desktop to Improve Productivity – The 7 Tips

Increasing productivity in your business doesn’t just entail optimizing your equipment and sharpening your attention. Decluttering your computer desktop is also essential. 

A clutter-free office is paramount to improving your productivity. Piles of stationery on your desk can cause you to waste a lot of time searching for a critical document. As a result, you’re less likely to meet deadlines. 

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Creating an IT Compliance Policy at your Small Business

Conducting small business operations in the digital world is prone to security risks. Mitigating them would be impossible if you don’t have an IT compliance policy.

Setting up a robust IT compliance policy in your small business is more important now than ever. And it’s because most organizations now depend on digitized services. 

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The Five Steps for Creating a Business Continuity Plan

How will your business respond when faced with an unexpected situation? With a business continuity plan, you’ll know exactly what steps to take.

Leading a small business is a challenging endeavor.

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5 Biggest Questions About Windows 11 Answered

Microsoft’s latest operating system is starting to take the world by storm. But before jumping ship and upgrading to the new OS, better read this first.

It’s finally here. 

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Tips For Your Cybersecurity Audits

You need more than the latest antivirus software to ensure your company’s network is secure. A cybersecurity audit helps you create a complete picture of your security strategy.

Cybercrime has grown into one of the epidemics of modern times. 

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Why Antivirus Isn’t Enough: Cybersecurity and Your Small Business

Cybersecurity continues to be in the news, with a wide range of actors in the space. Some are malicious entities that aim to steal data or simply stop businesses from operating. Others work to prevent those malicious entities from doing so. As a small business, you need endpoint security to ensure that you are safe and that you can keep doing business as normal.

What Exactly Is Endpoint Security?

Simply put, endpoint security is the practice of securing end-user devices. These can be desktops, mobile devices, laptops, and smart devices. Anything that is connected to your network can be a point of attack, including wireless cameras, smart fridges, and even smart thermostats.

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Why Does My Small Business Need IT Services in Columbia, Missouri?

IT is a critical part of any business, whether you are a small company making components or one of the many local wineries in Missouri that need to keep careful track of their TTB records and reports. Managed IT services from an MSP (Managed Service Provider) can help make the process go smoothly and keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Every business has unique needs, but broadly speaking, managed IT can include the following:

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Should my small business upgrade to Windows 11?

Despite Microsoft hailing Windows 10 as "the last Windows ever," Windows 11 was teased in June 2021 and formally announced in July. Early leaked versions show a more user-friendly interface, better security, a funky dark mode, and a streamlined taskbar. And the announcement itself focused on widgets; touch, pen, and voice support; support for different desktop wallpapers on different computers; and an all-new Windows store.

Essentially, it feels a bit like the upgrade from XP to Vista, for those who remember that. But not necessarily in a negative way.

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We've Been Vished!

What is Vishish?  Vishing is a type of phishing scam but uses voice. It's a type of cybercrime that uses a phone call to steal personal information from its victims. Criminals use certain tactics to convince victims to give up private information and possibly access to their bank accounts.   It’s a newer term for “Phone Scam”.

There are many types of vishing. Vishing frequently involves a criminal pretending to represent a trusted institution, business, or government agency. Sometimes you may be asked to buy an extended warranty, or be offered a free vacation, or a very common one, tell the victims that your computer is infected and you need some help getting it repaired.

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Small Business Risks Of Outdated Software

As everyone knows, some things in life were meant to last forever. Your small business software is definitely not one of them.

Small business software is similar to your car. When you first buy your new car, everything runs great. But over time, things begin to go wrong and does not perform like it used to. Things go wrong that can actually cause safety issues. Outdated software works the same way.

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Have you added “Advanced Threat Protection” to your email account?

Office 365 is vastly popular among the small business community. As of October 2019, there are 200 million active users. Microsoft is reporting 3 million users added per month. With Office 365 being so popular, most users assume their email is safe. Right? Although Office 365 does provide some robust email protection against spam, viruses, and malware, hackers from around the world are continually launching sophisticated attacks that many small businesses aren't providing protection for.

That's where Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) comes in. Advanced threat protection delivers several benefits that are crucial to your email security.

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Is your Office 365 data protected?

More than 1.4 million companies currently used Office 365. Small businesses have made the move to Office 365 because it makes the most sense. It's easy to use and works well in your organization. You get software updates, security fixes, and access to your important business documents anytime from anywhere on any device.

What most people assume is that your data, whether it be your email or OneDrive, is automatically backed up in the cloud. This is the biggest misconception for Office 365.

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