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Another major flaw with Intel chips puts small business security at risk

Intel Chip

Software engineers and companies are always looking to address issues with their hardware when it comes to security. Hardware issues are exponentially more dangerous than software issues. Why? Because hardware is a manufactured piece of equipment and can only be changed by remanufacturing new hardware. Software can be updated or changed instantly through an online update.

With that being said, there is a new discovery of a flaw in a range of Intel chips in PCs. Currently, this flaw has not been exploited yet, however, if it does, a user can be granted backdoor access to your small business PC putting all of your business data and sensitive information at risk.
This new vulnerability is now referred to as the “SWAPGS” security flaw. This security flaw was discovered by a bit defender researcher and presents a highly dangerous security flaw in most modern Intel chips.

You may remember the security flaw last year called Spectre and Meltdown. This is a very similar flaw but can actually bypass the safeguards put in place by the patches for Spectre and Meltdown. This is what makes it even more dangerous.

The flaw basically deals with the predicted behavior of your Intel chip and the user. The Intel chips will look at your behavior and adjust accordingly to make the performance of your PC move a little faster. When a user exploits this particular flaw, they can take control of the memory kernel, which gives them back door access to your small business data such as passwords and private conversations.

What can be done about this security flaw to protect my small business?

Microsoft and Intel released a security patch last month. It's extremely important to make sure this patch is in place on your small business PC. If you are a current Tech Up-To-Date client with Side by Side IT, you already have this Patch in place and are protected.

If you would like to know more about our Tech Up-To-Date service and how these security patches will benefit and protect your small business, contact us today.

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