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Small Business Computers: Custom Built Over Big Box

custom built computer

Small businesses prefer custom built computers over those from the shelf at your local store.


There are myriads of reasons why you may opt to have your computer custom built. Here is a list of why we recommend custom made computers over big box computers.

1. The performance

Custom built computers give you the power to choose high-grade components. You can build your PC to run with the most efficient processor and an SSD drive that matches that performance. The PC you buy from the store may have components that cater to their advertising or a sale they may be running at that time, which may not be the best fit for your organization.

2. Quality components

The elements inside big box computers are at times, not made for durability. They cut corners on quality to get the cheaper pricing on the shelf. If they install a low-quality power supply, it only means you may have to repair it a short time, or at worst replace it. Custom built PCs give you the opportunity to select high-quality components such as power supplies, RAM, hard drives, optical drives and motherboards among others.

Side by Side IT can get your parts from trusted brands. You will save money in the long term because custom built computers tend to be more durable than big box computers.

3. Superior cooling system

Another major issue with Big Box PCs is their cooling systems. Most have inefficient cooling systems because either the cables interfere with airflow or there are insufficient fans installed. If your small business wants to eliminate the issue, you can opt for custom built computers.

Side by Side IT uses top quality cases. Using these cases helps prevent airflow interference issues which can happen in the smaller units. We also install sufficient fans around the casing which provides adequate airflow for all the components.

4. Easy upgrades

When you chose custom built PCs, you can easily upgrade your computer. You can replace some components of the PC to boost or maximize efficiency. If your small business is growing and needs more storage space, custom built computers are easily adaptable.

Upgrading a big box computer can be difficult and sometimes not even possible. Why? Manufacturers at times build their cases or components for only 1 use and you’re not able to upgrade or change out parts.

5. Balance

Custom build PC’s tend to be more balanced than Box Box PC’s. The components that are being used compliment each other. For example, you won’t find a really slow processor with an SSD drive. Or you won’t find a really expensive processor with a high end graphics card and a very minimal power suppy.

A balanced build doesn't produce bottlenecks. A bottleneck occurs when weak components hold back a powerful element. A custom built computer gives you a balanced build which functions smoothly and efficiently.

6. No bloatware

Big box computers come with additional software that takes much of the space. The other unwanted software is known as bloatware. The problem with bloatware is that it will likely slow down your system. When you opt for custom built PCs, you don't have to worry about such issues. Eliminating bloatware ensures in the end produces higher performance.

7. The purpose

Big box computers typically are not ideal for small businesses. Getting a custom built computer ensures you gain aspects such as durability, high performance, reliability, high-quality parts, easy upgrade and much more.

Contact Side by Side IT for a free consultation on the benefits of a custom built computer at your small business.

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