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Fall 2019 Feature Update

Windows 10 Feature Update

As everyone knows, installing Windows 10 updates can be full of headaches. Over the years, Microsoft would release updates that would damage other functions or features within the operating system. However, it's a catch 22. It's imperative that small businesses patch and update their computers to keep them running safe, secure, and in tiptop shape.

Microsoft releases a feature update twice a year. The typical release dates are once in the spring, and once in the fall . Feature updates are significant updates to the operating system that does both security patching, and adds new features to the operating system. These updates typically take longer, and require more resources to successfully complete.

Owners sometimes get nervous about these updates due to the history of causing other issues within the operating system after the feature update installs.

Should you be nervous? Should you be worried? Let's take a quick sneak peek at the newest Windows 10 feature update releasing this month.

Code Name: 19H2

After many rounds of beta testing, Microsoft is ready to release the latest update to all Windows 10 users. This update will be available on November 12th. The update is codenamed 19H2. The update will patch existing bugs within the operating system, improve performance, and update a small number of new features.

Cortana has company

Word has it that Cortana will no longer be the only voice-enabled assistant within the operating system. It looks like from the Microsoft released notes that you'll be able to utilize other voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa after the 19H2 update.

Windows Search and File Explorer joining forces

You know that little search box on your desktop question mark that's called windows search. After the feature update. You'll be able to use that windows search to search for files in File Explorer. This will be a major boost in your search capabilities. it should make finding files a lot easier.

Windows search will not only search the files on your hard drive, but it will also be able to search your OneDrive content as well. This is a major benefit for those small business owners who use one drive for business All you do is simply type in the name of the file that you're searching for and open it directly from the dropdown suggestions.

Calendaring is a snap

After the 19H2 update is installed, you will now be able to save dates on your Windows 10 calendar much easier than before. Prior to the update, you had to open up the calendar app to create events. Once the 1982 update is installed, you can click the time on the taskbar in the bottom right, and the calendar will come out in “flyout view”. From there you can choose your dates and options for your calendar.

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